Riding With Olivia is Lower Hutt’s Chapter Of Cycling Without Age

Confidentiality and Data Protection Agreement

At Riding with Olivia and Cycling Without Age Lower Hutt [CWALH] everyone has a responsibility to ensure individuals and other organisations can trust us, so it is essential that anyone who has access to confidential, personal and sensitive information understands how to handle, store and share it appropriately so it complies fully with the NZ Privacy Act 2020 (NZPA). 

Information is held on individuals either as volunteers or participants to which you may have access.  As a CWALH volunteer, you must not share this information outside the charity, send it by any means to any third party, share it in general conversation or use it for your own purposes whilst in your role or once your role has ended.

As part of your volunteer role, you will be provided with support and information relevant to your specific volunteer role and we encourage you to ask for NZPA support whenever you need it.

Confidential Information must only be used for the specific purposes it was intended for and shared on a ‘need to know’ basis. This may include :

  • Information from phone conversations.
  • Volunteer personal information.
  • Medical and health information.
  • Financial information, both personal and organisational.
  • Email/text message/letter content.
  • Contracts.
  • Information about the charity’s activities, finances, projects and future plans.

Personal Information is any information that can be used to identify a living individual such as their :

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Personal and Sensitive Information is information which could be used to discriminate against a living individual such as their :

  • Sexuality.
  • Religious or political beliefs.
  • Mental or physical health.

All the above information may be written, spoken or electronic and can be accessed through a variety of ways including :

  • Phone conversations and records.
  • Volunteer/passenger application forms.
  • Medical/health forms.
  • Activity rotas.
  • Emails/letters/text messages.
  • Registers.
  • Survey results.
  • Social media sites e.g. Website, Facebook posts and Twitter feeds.

CWALH acknowledges its rights and obligations under NZPA in regard to controlling and processing data and all volunteers who have or will have access to confidential, personal or sensitive information must agree to this agreement to confirm they understand their obligations to CWALH under NZPA.

  • Information supplied to volunteers must be securely deleted upon request
  • Data received must be deleted upon receipt of a new set of information and no backup copies kept
  • No information is to be passed onto any other organisation or volunteer without the express permission of CWALH

If the circumstance arises that a volunteer breaches this agreement, then we would work with them to understand the circumstances surrounding the breach before deciding on a way forward, which may include asking them to step down from their role.